Runway Information

The Le Sueur Municipal Airport has one north/south Runway 13/31 which is 3,000-LF long and 75-LF wide.  Runway 13/31 has medium intensity runway edge lights, runway end identifier lights (REILS), and precision approach path indicators (PAPIs).  It is a non-precision runway and currently does not have any published approaches.  Runway 13/31 is served by a partial parallel Taxiway A to access the apron.


AVGAS is available with a self-serve fuel system.

Courtesy Car

We have a courtesy car for pilots, available on a first come, first serve basis.

Le Sueur Municipal Airport (12Y) Hangar Space Leasing Policy

Persons interested in leasing space at the Le Sueur Municipal Airport (12Y) must email the Airport Manager.  Following the initial email, City staff will follow the below steps.

 Request Process:

  • City staff, within five (5) working days, will email the interested party the current site map of available lots for the interested party to circle the desired space(s),  initial, and return to City within three (3) working days.
  • Upon receipt of the completed site map from the interested party, City staff will date the document, compile the lease agreement and then email the interested party the lease agreement within five (5) working days.
  • Interested party has five (5) working days to return the lease agreement completed, signed with a notary, payment, and all supporting documents to City Hall.  
  • If not received at City Hall within five (5) working days, the lot will become available again to the public or the next interested person on the wait list.
  • If the interested party arrives at City Hall after the five (5) working day, but has the lease agreement completed, signed with a notary, payment and all supporting documents, and the lot has not been reserved by a different interested person, the City will approve the lease agreement.


Le Sueur Municipal Airport Ramp & Tie Down Policy

Le Sueur Municipal Airport Building Development Policy