Recreation & Community Center

CC Exterior 3The Le Sueur Community Center is owned and operated by the City of Le Sueur and is open to the public. Residents and non-residents are welcome!


Housed within the facility:

  • Ice arena (with a spectator area)
  • Golf simulator
  • Gymnasium
  • Racquetball court (convertible to Wallyball)
  • Two fitness rooms (also usable for meetings, events, birthday parties, etc.)
  • Fitness center
  • Weight room
  • Concession area (during special events)


All facilities (except the fitness room and weight room) can be rented hourly.


The Community Center is available for all night lock-ins, providing a safe, supervised, and fun environment.  The fee for all night rental is $375.

The rental includes:

  • All night ice/arena (during season)
  • Gymnasium
  • Merrick Room, The Loft (or both depending on needs)
  • Racquetball/wallyball court

To rent one of our rooms or for lock-in information, please call us at (507) 665-3325 or visit the front desk during office hours.

Membership Information

Membership provides access to the: fitness center, weight room, gymnasium, and racquetball court.  Members 18 and older will have 24 hour access to the facility.  Members 17 and younger are allowed in during open office hours.

Monthly Membership Fees

  • Individual $25.00
  • 2-Person $40.00
  • Family $50.00

Indoor Golf Simulator Membership Fees

  • Eagle Membership $5.00/month or $60.00/year + tee time pricing
  • Birdie Membership $25.00/month or $300/year + tee time pricing


Limit 1 (Proof may be required)

  • Senior (60+) 15%
  • Veterans 15%
  • Emergency Service 10%

Payment Methods

Memberships are set-up with automatic payment via debit or credit card.  Memberships can be cancelled at any time with a 30-day notice with no cancellation fee.

Daily passes can be paid via debit card, credit card, cash or check.

Daily Fee

Our day pass ($5.00) allows use of the fitness center, weight room, gymnasium, racquetballs court, and ice arena.  This is a one-time fee, good for the whole day (wristband required and payment must be made at the front desk when upon arrival).

Facility Access

Use your phone for 24/7 access  to the facility.  Access provided by the "Kisi" app.  Access cards are available for a fee of $10.

Save on Your Membership!

Many insurance carriers provide discounts on fitness memberships. Call the number of the back of your insurance card to find out if they offer a fitness discount.


The mission of the Le Sueur Community Center is to provide a fun and safe place for area community members to gather, and offer quality programs that will help develop healthy individuals and families.  We expect that patrons understand the importance of a safe and positive environment.

Fitness Center/Weight Room

In an effort to keep our machines in good working order and maintain a safe environment for our members, these areas are secured and require an access.  Access is provided via the Kisi app.  Members must be 12 years of age or older to receive a access or an access card.


The Community Center welcomes minor children to enjoy the facility.  However, we cannot accept responsibility for their safety and supervision.

Minors can access the facility between the hours of 7:30am - 10:00pm.

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the fitness center or weight room as the equipment is not designed for children this age.  They also must be accompanied by an adult or guardian over the age of 18 unless they are attending a supervised activity.  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult after 7:00pm.

Children ages 12 to 18 can use the fitness center and weight room if they have experience using the equipment and are accompanied by an adult.

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