Building Inspections

The Building Official is responsible for interpreting, administering, and enforcing the Minnesota State Building Code.  Anyone undertaking a building, mechanical or plumbing project or improvement is required by law to:

  • Apply for and receive a building permit from the Building Official before any work is started.
  • Schedule and facilitate inspections that will be required throughout the project work.

Benefits of Receiving a Building Permit

  • Ensures that completed projects will meet minimum standards of safety.
  • Helps maintain the value of your home or business.
  • Protects the public by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction.
  • Generally ensures the public's health, safety, and welfare.

Building Permit Process

  1. Fill out and submit the required permit application(s) from our Permits & Forms Center.
    • Document the "Who, What, When, Where and How" of the job, and provide detailed plans of the proposed work.
    • The Building Official will review your plans and determine if your project is in compliance with code and building safety requirements.  This can take up to 10 days.
    • If your plans meet the requirements, you'll be issued a permit.
    • If your plans do not meet the requirements, the Building Official will advise you as to what portions require additional information. You can then re-submit your application.
    • Please note: Electrical permits are issued through the state electrical inspector, not through this office.
  2. Pay permit fees and receive your permit
    • The permit fee is based on the size and value of the job and covers the costs of the application, review and inspection processes.
    • The City of Le Sueur and the Le Sueur Economic Development Authority (EDA) are proud to support a Permit Reduction Fee Program for the first ten (10) new homes constructed in an annual year by waiving Water Access Charge (WAC)/Sewer Access Charge (SAC) fees by $6,000. You must complete the New Home Construction Permit Fee Waiver Application (PDF) and submit it along with your building permit to City Hall to be considered.
    • Once you've received your permit, you have legal permission to start your project work.
    • Through the process, the Building Official will be available to answer questions concerning your project.
  3. Call to schedule job-site inspections
    • Job-site inspections are required to make certain the work conforms to the permit, local codes, and plans.
    • The Building Official will let you know approximately how many inspections you'll need to schedule for your particular project and are noted on the inspection card.  A minimum 24 hour notice is needed when requesting Inspections.
    • Inspections also enable you to take advantage of the Building Official's experience and expertise; feel free to ask questions or voice any concerns about your project.
  4. Receive final approval and final legal documentation
    • Once you've had your final inspection, the Building Official will provide documentation that the project is complete and is in compliance with code standards.