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Jul 24

July 21, 2017

Posted on July 24, 2017 at 8:43 AM by Stacy Lawrence


I hope everyone is getting back into the swing of things for the summer; it’s flying by.  If you have any questions or comments about this blog, my email is, and my phone number is 507-593-8312.

7/24/2017 City Council Meeting

We have a pretty full meeting on Monday; HKGi will be giving an update on the downtown master plan, we have a public hearing on a City Charter and City Code Amendment, and a series of permits that are up for approval.  Many of these permits are associated with the Giant Celebration, which is right around the corner. 

If there are any questions about the agenda, please reach out!

Streets Division

The Streets Division has been working to get the seal coat area patched.  You may have noticed the trail on Kings Way received a little TLC yesterday.  Fog sealing will help maintain the asphalt surface, extending the life of the trail. 

Water/Wastewater Division

This group continues to get in as much summer maintenance as possible while the weather permits.  This entails the cleaning of sanitary sewer lines to help reduce the probability of backups in your house.  Please be cautious around the workers as they are performing this work.

Electric Division

The Electric Division is continuing to perform locates and move infrastructure associated with the Second Street Improvement Project.  This project will be starting on July 31st due to a delay in materials and poor weather timing. 

Parks and Recreation

Yesterday was the last night of the Sand Volleyball League.  There were nine teams that participated in the league, and the league tournament will be held on tomorrow at Anderson Park.

The Le Sueur County Drug Court has adopted Mayo Park and will be spending three hours out there on Saturday staining tables and doing general flower maintenance.  If you’re interested in the Adopt-A-Park Program, please check out the web page.

Giant 5K Run and Sprout Route - Planning for the Giant 5K Run and Sprout Route on Saturday of Giant Days continues with registrations flowing in. The business challenge has taken off with 325 individuals already registered at Le Sueur Incorporated alone. As part of the challenge, we’ll be developing a traveling trophy to the “winning” business. Being a push for health and community participation, everyone wins.


Facilities just finished up the installation of two monitors in the Council Chambers.  At first, I thought they were too big, but I think they will be very helpful in explaining City Council agenda items to the public and the City Council. 

City Clerk/Communications

Movie in the Park - The Parks & Recreation 3rd Annual Movie in the Park will be held on Wednesday, August 2nd.  This is the official kick-off to Giant Celebration and we will be showing Moana.

Night to Unite - Last year was the first time we formally took part in Night to Unite, and it was a great success.  Our Police Officers enjoyed stopping at the various block parties in town and visiting with residents.  Night to Unite is a nationally celebrated event for neighbors to gather and dedicate time to strengthening our commitment to a safe community.  It can be as simple as turning on your front porch lights and getting together with your neighbors to play yard games and catch up.

The Le Sueur Police Department is looking forward to participating in Night to Unite celebrations once again this year on Tuesday, August 1st.  If you or someone in your neighborhood is planning a Night to Unite gathering, please contact the Le Sueur PD so that we can stop by for a visit (and share some prizes too).  Registration forms are available here.  Six neighborhoods have signed up so far, if you’re interested, please apply!

***Bulldog Youth Hockey created a pretty amazing promotional video.  Check it out!***

Past Week

This past week was filled with a bunch of various meetings.  The biggest one was the official kick-off of the budget season with the first Personnel and Budget Committee meeting.  We discussed budget goals, capital improvement plans, capital equipment plans, and other areas that we will explore in future meetings.  These meetings are open to the public, so if you’re interested in understanding the budget process of your city, please check the City Calendar.

We also had a CENSUS 2020 kick-off meeting this week.  The census is a very important tool the City can use to get additional funding as a lot of models from Local Government Aid to federal programs are based on population.  It is very important that you as citizens of Le Sueur register and acknowledge you’re a resident.  Getting an accurate count of the population could help us do more things within the community.

Also, businesses in Le Sueur will now have the opportunity to say they are powered using 100% renewable resources.  Keep an eye out for marketing materials on how to enroll in the program.

I have been heavily involved with various aspects of the budget planning process.  From learning about the City’s self-funded health insurance program to rebooting our employee wellness program, I’m very excited for the opportunity to form a workplace that is attractive for employees recruitment and retainment. 

Closing Thoughts

I’m up on a lake by Hillman, MN today, so I’m going to get back out on the water while it’s still hot.  I hope everyone else has a great weekend and is getting excited for the Giant Celebration.  Have a safe weekend!!


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