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Jun 17

February 22, 2019

Posted on June 17, 2019 at 1:52 PM by Stacy Lawrence

Well we’ve been digging out of snow a lot lately, and it seems like it won’t end anytime soon.  I wanted to make sure I thanked everyone for being patient with the snow removal; everyone is doing their best to keep the streets safe.  As always, I can most easily be reached at or by phone at 507-593-8312; now onto City business.

Upcoming Meetings

We have a series of important meetings coming up next week; you can find the agendas here to see what is going on:

Snow Emergency Declaration

It seems like the community is getting used to having snow emergencies declared as we didn’t tow any vehicles during the last (current) declaration.  I wanted to talk a little bit about why we declare an emergency, and how the timing of the snow dictates when that happens.

I’ll use the last snow even as an example.  Essentially the snow started around 3 A.M., and we had staff scheduled to come in at 7 A.M. as usual.  The idea is to keep the main roads open, get to some of the side streets, and possibly do some alleys until the snow stops.  Once the snow stops, I work with the Public Services Director and Streets and Parks Manager to determine if a Snow Emergency is warranted.  Right now, due to the amount of snow we’ve received, we will likely declare an emergency after every significant snow event due to there not being capacity on the boulevards to store very much more snow.  When a snow emergency is declared, we have three plow trucks, a front-end loader, a skid loader, and some smaller equipment with brooms to help clear the snow.  We have a small group, but they work well and are efficient.  We have a lot of roads to clear, so I appreciate everyone’s patience. 

I wish I would have had a photo of Third Street from last year in March, but here is a photo I took today.  I use Third Street as a means of seeing how the group is doing since it’s on a hill, it’s narrow, and there are quite a few cars that normally park on it in areas.  Last year toward the end of the winter it was tight just to get one vehicle down the street, it appears that this year is much better, especially with a record-setting February snowfall


If anyone has questions about snow emergencies, please reach out to me.  This is the first winter we’ve declared a snow emergency in some time, and I’ve been getting some very positive feedback about the quality of the streets.  Please feel free to give me feedback!

Fire Hydrants

After a quick drive around town, and a nice message from Fire Chief Obele, I would like to ask residents to try and clear snow out from around the fire hydrants in your neighborhood.  I know just about everyone is sick and tired of moving snow but having clear access to fire hydrants could save lives or your house.  Here is a photo of a hydrant that would be difficult for our
Fire Department to access, and one that would be easier. 

 buried  clean

Moving Forward

I hope everyone has a safe and warm weekend.  I also hope some of you can make it to our meetings that are scheduled this week.  We have a lot of things going on and want to make sure citizens are informed!


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