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Aug 06

August 3, 2018

Posted on August 6, 2018 at 10:38 AM by Stacy Lawrence

Happy Giant Celebration Weekend Everyone!

As you can imagine, there has been a flurry of activity here at the City in preparation for Giant Celebration. The Giant Celebration Committee, Le Sueur Chamber of Commerce, the City of Le Sueur, and many, many, others are to thank for putting on such a great celebration.  You can find all of the information about the events taking place at the Giant Celebration Facebook Page.   I will be participating in the Giant’s Valley 5k on Saturday morning; if you’re interested in trying to make the City Administrator completely feel out of shape, please join us at 8 am; you can register the day of the run!!  On Sunday I will also be at the parade which starts at 1:00 PM; I look forward to meeting people and riding in one of the regions largest parades.  Again, HAPPY GIANT CELEBRATION WEEKEND!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Giant Celebration.  I figure I am due to provide some updates on pertinent items going on here at the City.

Second Street Reconstruction Update

The contractor is continuing to establish turf along the boulevards.  WM Mueller, the prime contractor has provided a letter to residents, providing an update on the project,  the final lift of asphalt will be paved sometime this month, and they will continue to work on the establishment of grass in the boulevards.  If you have questions about the project and where we are at, please feel free to reach out to our new Public Services Director, Richard Kucera; he can be reached at 507-593-8370 or 

New Employees

Recently we had an internal lunch so that staff could meet some of the new employees we’ve recently hired here at the City.  Here is a list of those individuals; if you see them out and about in the community, please feel free to talk to them, they’re all good people.

Justin Nielsen – Building Official

Dan Reich – Police Officer

Doni Sippo – Water/Wastewater Operator

Richard Kucera – Public Services Director

Foster Transburg – Water/Wastewater Manager

T.J. Heinricy – Streets and Parks Manager

We will also be posting a position for a Recreation and Community Education Coordinator in the next couple of weeks, which is the last position associated with the reorganization that City Council approved in April. 

Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee (RPAC)

The newest addition to our list of boards, commissions, committees, teams, and groups is the RPAC.  The first meeting for this group will occur on August 7th and will be held on the first Tuesday of every month.  The initial meeting will take care of things like establishing a Chair and Vice-Chair, along with getting the board acquainted with staff.  T.J. Heinricy, who is a new employee here in Le Sueur will be the staff liaison for this group along with Kaari Smith as the Secretary.  I am very excited for this group to start meeting as I will engage them in the budget process, prioritizing Recreation and Parks related projects, along with likely coming up with new ideas that we can incorporate into our long-term planning.  If you’re interested in our Recreation Program, Community Center, or Park System here in Le Sueur, this is the group to follow!

2019 Budget Process

Staff has been developing the preliminary budget with the Personnel and Budget Committee.  We have had two meetings so far this year, and things are lining up well.  Le Sueur is projecting a 4% increase in tax capacity, which allows the City to grow and adapt to changing trends and proactive planning.  City Council established a Capital Improvement Plan and Capital Equipment Plan in 2017 which works great for financial planning for the future.  Staff along with the Personnel and Budget Committee and City Council will continue to update and develop this plan.  At the August 27th City Council meeting, staff will provide an update and solicit feedback from the full City Council on the budget in preparation for the preliminary levy meeting which is scheduled for September 10th.  If you’re interested in the City’s budget or what projects are proposed for next year and into the future, please participate in the process or ask questions.  I would love to talk to people about the budget as it may be my favorite thing to do here in the City and I enjoy feedback from people interested!

Planned Unit Development (PUD) and Preliminary Plat – Ridge Road/Distel Drive Area

The City of Le Sueur has received an application from a developer interested in building a 60-unit, 55 apartment building, a 62-unit general occupancy apartment building, two single-family home lots, and eight townhome lots on an 11-acre site on the south end of town.  There will be a public hearing held in at City Hall in the City Council Chambers on August 9th at 6:00 PM.  If you are interested in providing comments on the proposed PUD, please attended the meeting so your comments can be recorded.  The Planning Commission follows the City Council adopted public comment rules which consist of the following:

  1. You must state your name and address before making comments
  2. Negative remarks about City Staff or employees is not allowed
  3. You will have a time limit of five (5) minutes to comment
  4. Disruptive or disorderly behavior will not be tolerated

Additional details about the proposed project will be included in the Planning Commission Agenda Packet which will go out on Monday.  You can sign up for Planning Commission Agenda alerts through our Notify Me system on our website. 

Wrapping Up

I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend; if you’re in Le Sueur for the 5k on Saturday or parade on Sunday, please say hello!  It is so great to see the community come together for this celebration!  As a reminder, I can be reached at 507-593-8312 or; if you have questions about City operations, projects, or want to talk, please reach out or stop by!


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