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Jul 08

July 8, 2018

Posted on July 8, 2018 at 4:09 PM by Jasper Kruggel

Hello Everyone!

I literally laughed out loud after typing this because I don’t actually know how many people read these notes, but if anything, it will provide a good archive of what is going on in Le Sueur.  For this post, I will focus on some projects we have going on in the City and provide updates.  We do have a City Council meeting on Monday, but the agenda is fairly light with the only major item is the possible filling of the vacancy on the Council.  Here is my rundown on projects, if I missed one, please drop me an email, and I can provide personalize updates! ??  My email is and my phone number is 507-593-8312.


Housing Study Update – The City, as well as the EDA, have gotten the results of a housing study commissioned earlier this year.  The news wasn’t surprising, but the rental market in town is tough.  We have a 4% vacancy rate, which essentially means that finding a place to rent in town is difficult.  At the Planning Commission meeting, last month a potential developer looking to build up to 120 rental units in town solicited information from the group about what they would want to be included in a potential Planned Unit Development (PUD) application.  Interacting with potential developers is something that shows people are looking at Le Sueur as an attractive place to invest money!

City Code Update – Staff has been working with the consultant to make some modifications to out zoning code.  These updates will need to be evaluated by the Planning Commission and ultimately approved by the City Council.  The general task of this project is to update our code to include current trends and aspects that may come up in future development.


Kingsway Dog Park – The dog park is on the final phase this year, as all of the concrete for the benches and tables has been poured, gates have been installed, and city staff will be installing the benches and tables this week.  The park can be used by patrons if they like, and there will be an official grand opening event in August.  If anyone is interested in volunteering at the park, we will be planting around 87 shrubs along Sherwood Drive that will provide screening for the residents.  Please reach out if you’re interested!


Outdoor Pool Sidewalk – As some may have noticed, concrete was poured connecting the parking lot and the outdoor pool.  This week there will be some benches, tables, and trash receptacles installed in that location.  We hope that people enjoy the new space!!


Annual Street Maintenance Projects – Staff is receiving quotes to perform annual seal coating and crack filling on our City streets.  This work will likely occur in August and September.  Keep an eye out on the website and Facebook for updates on the time and areas.

TAP Sidewalk Project – Staff continues to secure easements along the project.  These easements allow contractors to remove sidewalk that was previously installed on private property, and replace sidewalk on private property if there are potential tree removals necessary.  This project will occur in 2019 and will replace 31 blocks of sidewalk!  We received great news last week from our City Engineer as MnDOT has awarded us an additional $137,048 in funding for the project!  This will help us complete other streets related project quicker!

Vehicle Replacement

As staff uses the capital equipment plan as guidance, some vehicles have been replaced at the City.  We have an aging fleet of vehicles, and we have a plan to get them back up to acceptable safety levels.  The Parks Division has replaced two trucks, a 1989 and 1991 respectively. The Streets Division is replacing a 1992 dump truck and will be pricing out a replacement plow truck for a 1990.  We will continue to update our fleet annually with Council approval utilizing the adopted capital equipment plan.   


Boring Machine Replacement – Earlier this year, City Council approved the purchase of a boring machine for our Electric Division.  This machine is an essential piece of equipment that is used to help convert our overhead lines to underground lines. 


Water Tower Cleaning – Some may have seen some daring individuals on our water towers a few weeks ago.  Those individuals were cleaning our water towers and inspecting them for future maintenance. 

TH112 Turnback Project

I received notice from the County that this project will likely be pushed to 2021 as MnDOT is still reviewing plans.  This isn’t a bad thing as it allows the City to plan accordingly for some of the expenditures.  This is an enormous project for the City as roughly 3.7 miles of roadway will be rehabilitated.  Follow the City’s website and Facebook page for updates. 

That is it for projects, I know I missed a couple out there like the mall, but we are still in a holding pattern.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and let’s hope we are done with this rain and flooding stuff for a while!


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