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Jun 15

June 15, 2018

Posted on June 15, 2018 at 1:58 PM by Jasper Kruggel

It’s HOT outside!

It’s a cooker out there today and will be this weekend if the weather people get it right, so stay hydrated!  I have a fun filled weekend of kids’ birthday parties and T-Ball, and I will make sure I drink plenty of water.  It’s also Father’s Day on Sunday; so to all the Dad’s, have a good one. 

Here at the City, we are just plugging along, trying to get all of the necessary items completed during the summer.  You may have noticed some people hanging on our water towers this past week; they were cleaning the interior and exteriors of the towers.  You wouldn’t catch me up there, so I’m glad we have some brave souls who do that type of thing.  I have also learned that our pavement rating project has wrapped up field work for the summer, and I will be receiving that report soon.  The pavement rating project will help City Council prioritize future street projects based on pavement conditions.  This will be a very helpful tool plugging these projects into our Capital Improvement Plan.

Believe it or not, we are starting the budget process here at the City for 2019.  On June 25th, City Council will discuss budget priorities for the upcoming budget planning process.  After priorities are established, there will be a series of meetings with the Personnel and Budget Committee to develop a preliminary budget that sets the maximum levy in September.  This is probably my favorite task here at the City as it gives us an opportunity to align overall priorities, funding, and projects.

Also, at the June 25th City Council meeting, we will be discussing the joint powers agreement we have with Henderson that created the Minnesota River Valley Public Utilities Commission.  I have been discussing the possibility of dissolution of MRVPUC with the administrator from Henderson and will provide City Council an update on those talks.  We will also discuss the renewal of the agreement we have with the school district to split a position that directs the City’s Recreation Program and the School District’s Community Education program. 

I would like to talk a little about our compost site here in Le Sueur.  As many are aware, we stopped burning brush out there last year due to the odors created in the valley from the smoke.  Since then, I’ve been working on a way to get the compost that accumulates from the leaves and other small brush items that individuals bring.   Due to a recent equipment purchase by a local contractor, we have been screening compost that is available to residents for non-commercial uses.  What this means is that we have some nice black soil down there and we are not allowing people to use it commercially, or sell it for a profit.  Keep in mind that this soil hasn’t been irradiated, so there will be some seeds in it but it looks to be very good soil after the bags, trash, metal cans, and just about everything else is sifted out of it.  Feel free to go down there and pick up a load for your personal use.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  If you have any questions about what is going on in the City, please don’t hesitate to reach out a 507-593-8312 or  Stay cool!!  ??


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