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Jun 01

June 1, 2018

Posted on June 1, 2018 at 12:18 PM by Jasper Kruggel

Happy Friday and Happy June!

I recently learned that today is National Doughnut Day, but because I’m not hip to all of these new celebratory days, I didn’t bring any in.  Who comes up with all of these special days? 

Well, we have a lot going on at the City both public facing and in the background.  I’ll talk about a few of the items to keep everyone in the loop.

Le Sueur Dog Park

So we are trying to figure out what to call this thing as there will be a new sign installed at a later date.  So far the name that I’ve tested and gotten the most positive responses is “The Le Sueur Bark Park.”  If anyone has any suggestions, please email me!  The fence is still being installed. The actual fence fabric was back ordered, and the contractor just received it this week.  Hopefully, that is installed next week, and we can move onto concrete slabs and park furnishings.  City staff is planning for a grand opening event around August 1st, but the park will be available as soon as the fencing and gates are up.  Keep an eye out!

Second Street Project

The contractor is continuing to establish turf and go through the punch list to finalize the project.  Once all of the criteria are met as described in the contract, City Council will final accept the project.  This includes boulevard turf, any infrastructure fixes, cracked sidewalk panels, and the final lift of asphalt.  We hope this all is buttoned up sometime in June.


The City has been posting and hiring individuals pretty aggressively after City Council approved the reorganization of departments.  Most recently Richard Kucera was approved to be hired as the Public Services Director, my old position.  I am very excited for Rich to start as he has a wealth of knowledge and will fit in great.  We also hired a Police Officer named Daniel Reich.  Dan has worked for the City of Le Sueur as a part-time Police Officer, and he excelled in the search process to fill the spot left by retirement.  I know Police Chief Bruce Kelly has very high expectations, and Dan is up for the challenge.  If you see Dan or Rich around the community, please say hello!

City Council Vacancy

City Council will be evaluating applications to fill the vacancy left by Kevin Wilke’s untimely passing.  Those are some big shoes to fill, but literally and figuratively.  If you’re interested in applying, please follow this link.  Applications will be evaluated at the June 25th City Council meeting and are due by June 20th.

Le Sueur Community Garden

You may not have heard, but the City of Le Sueur has taken over the community garden located by the former Presbyterian Church at 404 Turril Street.  If you are interested in applying for a plot, please apply by using this form!

Kwik Trip Update

Kwik Trip closed on the property next to Wolf Motors last week, so that process is moving along.  I know the community is excited to welcome Kwik Trip to the neighborhood as it was our most liked post on Facebook EVER!  We will continue to provide updates as they are available, but things are progressing up on the hill!


I hope everyone has a great weekend; it looks like rain tomorrow most of the day, but Sunday looks to be gorgeous.  My daughter is having her second birthday party tomorrow, and I am on grill duty, so hopefully, the rain isn’t too bad.  If you notice anything around town that needs attention, please reach out to me via email ( or phone (507-593-8312) and I will make sure they are addressed.  Have a nice weekend!


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