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May 25

May 25, 2018

Posted on May 25, 2018 at 3:04 PM by Jasper Kruggel

Hello Le Sueur!

It seems like with the warm weather; the weeks fly by!  I’m excited for the long weekend; I’m not doing much, just chasing kids around and trying to stay cool.  I hope everyone does the same and has a great weekend.

City Council Meeting

First of all, the meeting will be held on Tuesday instead of Monday due to it being Memorial Day.  Also, we are having a ceremony honoring Kevin Wilke’s public service in Legion Park at 6:00 PM.  There will be a tree planted in his honor, and a plaque will be added once it arrives.  The public is welcome to attend; the meeting will follow shortly after.

If I were to summarize this meeting with a phrase, it would have to do with the reading of ordinances.  We have six (6) ordinances up for discussion.  Most deal with land transactions, but one is an amendment to the recently adopted Stormwater Utility.  The Personnel and Budget Committee met last week and had come up with a proposition to change the ordinance by combining the last two tiers (>3 acres) and reducing the residential factor (REF) for those properties to 0.25.  This will effectively reduce the monthly charge of these two tiers from $35 to $17.50. 

We also have two appointments; the Public Services Director and a Police Officer.  Details of these recommendations will be provided at the meeting.  Personally, I am excited to start filling some of the vacancies here in the City.

Kings Way Dog Park Update

As anyone who has driven by the triangle-shaped property off Kings Way Drive recently has seen, we have started building a dog park.  I have received a lot of positive comments about the project and want to make sure that we are doing things thoughtfully.  Here is a tentative schedule, which is very dependent on weather.

  • Week of May 28th – Fencing and gates installed
  • Week of June 4th – Concrete slabs for picnic tables, drinking fountain, bike racks, benches, and dog wash installed
  • Week of July 11th – Screening shrubs and mulch installation (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!)

The park will technically be accessible once the fence is up, but there will be periodic work occurring where we may ask patrons to leave or stay out of certain areas.

Outdoor Pool Sidewalk

Staff has received quotes for the Outdoor Pool sidewalk project, and I am hoping that work will begin next week.  This is a needed walkway that goes from the parking lot to the concession stand at the Outdoor Pool.  There will be a couple of benches, a couple of picnic tables, a bike rack, and a trash and recycling receptacle added later this summer to the project. 

Second Street Update

The contractor performing the work on Second Street is fighting the weeds that have started growing on the boulevard.  They tell me that there is grass under there, so they will be doing some work to get that grass established and follow the specifications for turf establishment in the contract.  Until the contract meets that specification, the City still has a 5% retainage held.  This 5% retainage will be held until the City Council accepts the project, which at that time will start the two-year warranty period on the project.  They have some work to do, and our engineer is making the contractor follow the specifications, it may just take some time to get the grass to become established.  Please bear with us as we work with the contractor to make this project look good.

2018 Staff Priorities Update

One item that is on my radar at all times is the City Council adopted staff priorities for 2018.  I thought I’d give a short update as to what those are and where we are at regarding progress.

1.       Begin to develop protocols for rental ordinance monitoring and building maintenance code

·         Software has been purchased to help monitor rental licenses and compliance

·         A Building Official has been hired that will oversee the Rental License Program

·         The International Property Maintenance Code has a proposed update (5/29)

2.       Develop tools for odor mitigation, public relations components, and develop a path forward

·         Hometown BioEnergy will be attending City Council meeting biannually to give updates on the plant

·         Public Relations staff from Hometown BioEnergy has engaged in discussions with City Staff about notification procedures for waste hauling, known odor issues, and general correspondence with the City.  This is a work in progress and will develop throughout the year

3.       Clarify roles and responsibilities of staff and workgroups associated with the downtown master plan follow-up and 2040 Comprehensive Plan

·         City Council will engage in an exercise hosted at a work session later in the year to help define these roles and responsibilities

4.       Evaluate the possibility of establishing an advisory board that evaluates Parks and Recreation in the City of Le Sueur, including the Community Center

·         The Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee was formed for this purpose and the City is currently accepting applications to be on the committee

5.       Update the Pavement Management Plan and incorporate projects into the Capital Improvement Plan

·         The exercise of updating the pavement rating index has started and an updated Pavement Management Plan will be available late summer

·         The results from the updated Pavement Management Plan will be incorporated in the Capital Improvement Plan up for consideration with the 2019 annual budget

6.       Continue to develop and begin to implement strategic initiatives to enhance the City’s business climate

·         The City has established a façade program and a revolving loan fund to help existing businesses make improvements

·         The hiring of a Community Development Director has helped facilitate discussions with business both existing and potential in the City of Le Sueur

7.       Evaluate and update the current organizational structure of the City

·         City Council adopted, and staff is implementing a new organizational structure

Arbor Day Celebration

It was another beautiful Arbor Day celebration in Le Sueur!  Local 2nd Grade students participated in our ceremony again this year and trees were planted in memory of John Luskey, Jack Smith and Kenny Braun.

This is City Forester Dan Griep’s last Arbor Day Celebration; he has been instrumental in obtaining and maintain the City of Le Sueur’s Tree City USA status.  Dan will have some big shoes to fill once he retires!!

Hawkers/Peddlers Licenses

The City Le Sueur requires solicitors to apply for a Hawkers/Peddlers license and carry a City-issued badge with their photo.  These badges serve as proof that they are registered with us and completed a background check from the Le Sueur Police Department.  This means that if someone knocks on your door before you answer any questions, ask to see their permit.  If they do not have a permit, please call 911 immediately and describe the person and vehicle so that our Police Department can follow up and ensure safety in our City. 

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.  Thank you to all the veterans; we owe them everything! 


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