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May 14

May 11, 2018

Posted on May 14, 2018 at 9:12 AM by Stacy Lawrence

Greetings Everyone!

At this point in time I don’t know if everyone is one person (which I can confirm that at least one person reads this) or more.  It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and that means you’re either celebrating the Moms in your life, albeit your own, or other Moms that have had an impact on your life, or you’re going fishing; or maybe both!  Either way, my Mom is my self-proclaimed biggest fan and I plan on seeing her this weekend, so Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Alright, onto City business, we have what I think is the longest possible break between City Council meetings.  At three full weeks, I am excited to get back into the Council Chambers and do some good work.

First things first, we will be honoring Council Member Wilke’s public service by flying the City of Le Sueur flag at half-staff on Monday morning 8 AM until sunset.  I’m sure there will be some heartfelt words and tears at the meeting on Monday as this is the first meeting since Kevin’s passing.  As a note, we will be holding a ceremony on Tuesday, May 29th at 6 PM in honor of Kevin.  More details will be posted on the City website and Facebook if you’re interested in attending.

City Council will be evaluating two land sale proposals that staff has either developed or fielded offers on.  The first is properties are adjacent to Agropur Cheese complex.  Staff is hopeful that this land sale is a sign that expansion is on the horizon for one of our oldest companies in town.  The second land sale consideration is for the property that housed the original Le Sueur Public Works building, better known as the 3rd Street Garage.  One of the first projects I was assigned when coming to Le Sueur was to demo that building and prep the site for sale.  This was in 2016 and now we have an offer from the adjacent apartment complex.  One of the major themes Community Development Director Samantha DiMaggio and myself are trying to practice is getting properties back on the tax roll.  City Council will likely see more properties currently owned by the City up for sale considerations.

City Council will also be receiving a report from our Contracted Finance Director Zach Doud.  Zach has been around for a while which is awesome and has established a great rapport with the City Council.  No real surprises in the Q1 report; spending is normal, and we are waiting for the first tax settlements of the year in May/June. 

City Council will also be evaluating a request from our Building Department to amend and replace our Building Permit Fee schedule.  This was one of the first tasks that Building Official Justin Nielsen completed.  This will also be Justin’s first appearance in front of City Council since starting, so I hope they aren’t too rough on him. ?? This is a very good thing as we are getting more organized as we are reestablishing our Building Inspection Program.

The last agenda item consists of annexing in some properties currently owned by the City of Le Sueur.  These properties are related to the ravine clearing project that occurred last year by the airport and is essentially a formality of the project. 

Moving on from the City Council agenda, as you can imagine, we are rolling with the implementation of the organizational structure amendment that was adopted by City Council on April 23rd.  Staff has conducted first round interviews for the Public Services Director and I am honestly very excited about the candidate pool.  I am on track to recommending a potential hire to the Personnel and Budget Committee at our May 23rd meeting.  The Public Services Director is an essential part of the team I am establishing here and CANNOT wait to fill the position. 

As a reminder, the second City Council meeting in May will be held on May 29th due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the warmer weather!


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