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Streets Maintenance

The Streets & Parks Division maintains city streets and parking lots, including; plowing, patching, paving, seal coating, mowing of road sides, street sweeping, traffic control signage, and cleaning storm ditches and storm sewers.


The Forestry Division is responsible for planting and overall maintenance of all trees located on city-owned property and city street right-of-ways.

Need assistance selecting trees for your boulevard or right-of-way?  Check out our approved Boulevard Tree List.  For assistance, please contact our Public Works Division.

Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan

Integrated Pest Management Plan

Doppy Lane Construction Notice

Updated: 7/14/23

Roadway and ditch grading will begin along Doppy Lane starting late in the week of July 17th.  Contractors are scheduled to complete roadway and ditch grading along Doppy Lane from Hubbard Lane to the top of the hill, west of Woods Drive.  This work will take approximately two weeks.

 While work is occurring, the road will be closed to through traffic.  Access to Deer Run Trail will remain available from either the west or the east dependent upon which section of Doppy Lane the contractor is completing work.  While working on the portion of Doppy Lane west of Deer Run Trail, road closed barricades will be placed just west of Deer Run Trail.  While working on the portion of Doppy Lane east of Deer Run Trail, road closed barricades will be placed just east of Deer Run Trail.

If you have any questions about this notice, please call Eric Hauser at 507-276-6695.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during construction .