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1. I’ve heard that water pipes are freezing due to the weather and that I should run my water to keep the pipes from freezing. Is that true?
2. If there is a chance of the water line freezing, why not just tell everyone to run their water?
3. How do I know if I should run my water to keep my pipes from freezing?
4. What is the proper procedure for running water to prevent water service lines from freezing?
5. The water at my faucet seems almost freezing. Should I be running my water?
6. My house never had frozen pipes before this year. Why did my pipes freeze now?
7. What can I do to keep it from freezing again?
8. The weather is supposed to get above freezing. Can I stop running my water now?
9. I chose to run my water without contacting the Water Department. Can I get a credit on my utility bill for the excess water and sewer usage?
10. Can water temperature be used to predict if my water pipe will freeze?
11. If my water service line does freeze, who is responsible for thawing it out?
12. Can the City of Le Sueur predict which water services will freeze?
13. If I experience a frozen water service after normal business hours, who do I call?
14. I have been running my water as instructed by the Water Department and my sewer line now backed up, who is responsible and should I call the City of Le Sueur?