Doing Business

  1. 2017 Governmental Fee Schedule

    2017 Governmental Fee Schedule

  2. Administration

    The City of Le Sueur Administrative Staff provides a wide range of management and support services necessary to the operation of the City. These functions are executed by the City Administrator, City Clerk, and support staff.

  3. Bid Postings

  4. Building Safety

    The City of Le Sueur Department of Building Safety is responsible for interpreting, administering and enforcing through compliance the Minnesota State Building Code.

  5. Economic Development

    It is our mission to retain, expand and attract businesses creating high quality jobs in Le Sueur.

  6. Economic Development Authority

    Learn about the members of the authority and review minutes from meetings.

  7. Electric

    The Le Sueur Electric Utility Department has been providing the City of Le Sueur with safe, efficient, electric power since the early 1900's.

  8. Planning & Zoning Applications

    The City of Le Sueur Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for comprehensive planning, zoning code updates, and zoning and land development approvals.

  9. Rental Licensing Program

    The City of Le Sueur Rental Licensing program ensures that all rental properties are safe and healthy for their occupants.