2019 Meter Upgrade

Project Details


Work includes replacement of electric meters and all 5/8 inch x 3/4 inch, 1 inch and 1 ½ inch water meters and radios to allow for an Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI).  Select 2 inch water meters and radios are also being upgraded to allow for the AMI.  The remaining 2 inch, all 3 inch and all 4 inch water meters will not be replaced but need to have the radios replaced.  Work also includes replacement of all electric meters to work with the AMI.

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Contact Information

Questions about this project?  Contact Rich Kucera at rkucera@cityoflesueur.com or (507) 593-8370

Project Update 11/04/19:

Electric meter upgrades will begin Tuesday, November 5th.  When Vanguard contractors arrive at your residence, they will knock on the door and give you a few minutes to turn off any electronic equipment, if you desire. If you do not answer the door, they will proceed with shutting off your power and changing out your meter. They will be wearing City of Le Sueur vests.

As a reminder, these new meters will allow us to expedite the meter-reading process; utilizing fixed network and eliminating the drive-by system to read each meter.  These meters are city-owned equipment and are located on your home or on your property.

There will be no charge to you for the new meter and you do not need to be home for us to replace this meter.

Project Update 10/30/19:

Final water meter installations can be scheduled from November 5th - November 27th.  Residents should contact Vanguard Utility Service direct at (507) 509-2737 to schedule their meter swap-outs.

Project Update 8/13/19:

To date, 396 water meters have been replaced.  This is approximately 20% of the total water meters.

Project Update 7/24/19:

It is common to have dirty water after a meter change-out, especially if the water is not used much.  There is sediment that settles where the meter is installed and it breaks loose when the new meter is installed.  Please be sure to run your water for a few minutes using the water source closest to the meter.

Project Update 7/22/19:

M&E Construction is in town and is currently replacing water meters and radios.  To schedule an appointment, visit their Online Booking Page or call them at 1-833-626-3326.  Please make sure to leave a message if they do not answer.