As a community, we recognize that our history and future are inexorably tied to the entrepreneurial spirit. As a city, we are committed to cultivating a new wave of innovation and entrepreneurship similar that which first built our community.

Our preceding entrepreneurs have assured our sense of community, challenged us, and empowered us to dream beyond ourselves. Therefore, we’ve partnered with the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) who’ve recently named the City of Le Sueur as one of their five Rural Entrepreneurial Venture (REV) cities.


The LIFE (Le Sueur Initiative for Entrepreneurs) initiative will focus to recruit and engage a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who will serve as they lead, build, and implement an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will:

  • Encourage organic economic growth
  • Nurture and multiply innovation
  • Embrace creativity and new ideas
  • Leverage our existing wealth of community assets
  • Engage local entrepreneurs to see Le Sueur as a place to grow their dreams

Through this initiative, the city of Le Sueur will build economic growth and prosperity by:

  • Increasing the diversity of our business industry
  • Filling vacancies
  • Job creation

LIFE’s event on March 21st was a great kick-off to the program.  Guest speakers included: Tim Tupy, owner of the Mankato Brewery and LIV Aveda Salon & Spa in Mankato, and Jason Gerdes, a Loan Officer at Prairieland EDC.

LIFE Kick-Off 1

LIFE's next event - Asset Mapping

Asset Mapping will help find solutions to questions such as:

  • Why don't we have a new restaurant in town?
  • How do we get new businesses to start-up in Le Sueur?
  • How do we market, sell, and GROW our community?

Asset mapping helps us inventory the good things in our community (along with the strengths & gifts of the people in the community), rank our most valued aspects, and understand the VALUE in connecting these dots.

We have good things on the horizon...we hope you join in the excitement!

Asset Mapping Flyer