Our Community

  1. Administration

    The City of Le Sueur Administrative Staff provides a wide range of management and support services necessary to the operation of the City. These functions are executed by the City Administrator, City Clerk, and support staff.

  2. City Council

    The Le Sueur City Council exercises the legislative power of the City of Le Sueur and determines all matters of policy. For example, the City Council approves the annual budget for governmental and utility operations, all bills paid by the City, City licenses and permits and all contracts between the City and 3rd parties.

  3. Community Center

    Learn about the programs the Community Center has to offer to citizens of all ages.

  4. Community Center Facility Information

    Find out about the variety of recreation options offered at the Community Center facility.

  5. Community Center Membership Information

    Membership gives you access to the exercise room, weight room, gym, ice arena and the indoor / outdoor pools. It allows you discounts on other activities/classes offered at the Community Center.

  6. Community Events

    Learn about the events happening within the city.

  7. Community News

    Receive alerts from the city on community news.

  8. Community Voice

    Make your voice heard in the City.

  9. Curfew

    Find out what the curfew is for teenagers within the city.

  10. Economic Development

    It is our mission to retain, expand and attract businesses creating high quality jobs in Le Sueur.

  11. Le Sueur County Visitors Guide 2016

    Le Sueur County Visitors Guide 2016

  12. Newsletters

    Le Sueur Living is an official publication of the City of Le Sueur. It is published every month and mailed to all utility customers in Le Sueur. The goal of the newsletter is to inform residents of operations, issues, services and projects that have citywide significance.

  13. Parks & Facilities

    Reserve a picnic area within a community park.

  14. Projects

    This page is the central location for information related to projects occurring in the City of Le Sueur

  15. Register for a Community Center Program

    Find out how to register and the city's cancellation program.