2017 Permit Reduction Fee Program

In an effort to increase single-family home construction, the Le Sueur City Council and Economic Development Association (EDA) are offering a 100% reduction in Water Access Charge (WAC)/Sewer Access Charge (SAC) fees.  The total value of this program for new home owners is $6,000 in savings.

Program Details​

This program is available for construction of new single-family housing units.  The new home must be constructed on an existing platted lot within in the corporate boundaries of the City of Le Sueur.  Subject homes shall be owner-occupied or to be owner-occupied by the builder.

For more information, please contact Community Development Director, Samantha DiMaggio,at 507-593-8318 or sdimaggio@cityoflesueur.com.

The City of Le Sueur looks forward welcoming new homeowners into our community and revitalizing the growth of single-family home construction.