2016 Permit Reduction Fee Program

Earlier this year, the Le Sueur City Council took action to waive/reduce permit fees in an effort increase single-family home construction.  This housing incentive plan includes:
  • A reduction in building permit fees to $500 (inclusive of the permit fee, plan check fee and state surcharge).  All other fees apply (plumbing, mechanical, park dedication, etc.).
  • A 100% reduction in the Water Access Charge (WAC)/Sewer Access Charge (SAC) fees.

Program Details​

This program is available to the first ten (10) permits issued for construction of new single-family housing units in 2016.  The building permit fee depends on the total actual permit cost, which is based on construction value.  For example, a home valuing $200,000 would have just over $2,600 in permit fees.

Priority is based on the date of complete permit application (not date of permit submittal).  A complete permit application will be at the discretion of the Building Official.  The new home shall be constructed on an existing platted lot within in the corporate boundaries of the City of Le Sueur.
Subject homes shall be owner-occupied or to be owner-occupied by the builder.

For more information, please contact Building Official, Dan Murphy at 507-330-5034 or dmurphy@cityoflesueur.com.

The City of Le Sueur looks forward to revitalizing the growth of single-family home construction through this new program.