Requirements for Stop Signs

Because the stop sign causes a substantial inconvenience to motorists, it should be used only where warranted. A stop sign may be warranted at an intersection where 1 or more of the following conditions exist:
  • Intersection of a less important road with a main road where application of the normal right-of-way rule is unduly hazardous
  • Street entering a through highway or street
  • Unsignalized intersection in a signalized area
  • Other intersections where a combination of high speed, restricted view, and serious accident record indicates a need for control by the stop sign
Alternative Considerations
Prior to the application of these warrants, consideration should be given to less restrictive measures, such as the yield sign (2B-7) where a full stop is not necessary at all times. Periodic reviews of existing installations may be desirable to determine whether, because of changed conditions, the use of less restrictive control or no control could accommodate traffic demands safely and more effectively.