The City will perform snow removal operations on some of the sidewalks in the City. Due to the severe impact on vegetation adjacent to sidewalks, sand and chemicals will be applied to sidewalks in limited amounts and only under extreme conditions.

City Maintained Sidewalks

  • Sidewalks adjacent to City Hall and the parking lot to the south of City Hall
  • Sidewalks adjacent to the Mall parking lot and the pedestrian Mall
  • Sidewalks to the south and east of City Parking Lot 4 (Pizza Ranch)
  • Sidewalk in front of Pierre Park
  • Sidewalk in front of the Mayo House and park
  • Sidewalk to the west of the City Parking Lot located in the 200 block of South Main Street
  • Sidewalks adjacent to the Library and Library Parking Lot
  • Sidewalks adjacent to the City Utility/Police Department
  • Sidewalks adjacent to the Historical Society Museum on North Second Street
  • Sidewalks adjacent to and within Legion Park on the north side of Ferry Street from the Nursery School to the east property line of the Community Center