Economic Development

Mission Statement
It is our mission to retain, expand and attract businesses creating high quality jobs in Le Sueur.

The Economic Development Department encourages and financially assists industrial and commercial enterprises in locating and expanding in the community.

Partnership Services
We work in partnership with Le Sueur Development, Incorporated (LSDI) and the Regional Economic Development Alliance (REDA). LSDI is a for-profit development corporation that facilitates community development by working with groups of diverse interests to bring about consensus and subsequent action on issues and projects for the betterment of the community. REDA serves as a clearinghouse of information regarding starting, growing, and relocating businesses within our Region.

Department Goals
Established in 1988, the Le Sueur Economic Development Authority (EDA) promotes business attraction activities and provides business assistance and referrals to enterprises expressing interest in locating in the community, as well as to existing businesses seeking to expand. The EDA also provides business outreach and business assistance to existing businesses. Types of business assistance include providing basic information and referral to the appropriate private, financial or governmental agencies.

Department Loan Programs
One of the major programs within Economic Development is the implementation of the City's Revolving Loan Fund. This program uses City funds in order to increase employment opportunities in the area, increase the local tax base, assist existing businesses to expand, encourage businesses to establish themselves in the Le Sueur area, and advance additional significant interests of the City as deemed prudent by City's governing body. Along with its economic development services, the EDA owns a 150-acre development property located on U.S. Highway 169.

To further the economic viability of the community, the EDA also participates in redevelopment and housing projects pursuant to the powers granted to it in its enabling resolution.