Aqua Valley Outdoor Pool

Aqua Valley (Outdoor) Pool

Lifeguard Posting 3

Guidelines and Helpful Hints for Using the Pool

  • Snorkels are prohibited.
  • All flotation devices must be coastguard approved.  This includes regulated life jackets and puddle jumpers.  The following flotation devices that are not allowed include, but are not limited to, beach balls, inflatable arm floaties, and inner tubes.
  • Spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose or otherwise introducing contaminants into the pool is not permitted.
  • Any participants that use a life jacket are not permitted in the deep end.
  • Swimming will only be held if the air temperature is 65 degrees & sunny or 70 degrees and cloudy.
  • Thunder and/or lightning will shut down the outdoor pool until clearance is given by staff.  Depending on the time of day, the pool may shut down for the remainder of the day.
  • For the safety of our patrons, children must be at least 7 years old in order to be admitted into the main pool without an adult.

Daily Rate & Pool Passes

  • Daily rate $5.00 (2 years & under free)
  • 2023 Individual Pool Membership $75.00
  • 2023 2-Person Pool Membership $110.00
  • 2023 Family Pool Membership $150.00